Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aaron Yan's photos catching fans attention FAST

He recently has been working out alot, every other day he uploads a photo from the gym but none yet to actually show the progress.
Yesterday's post though was different, he stated that if he keeps posting gym photos will everyone get bored of his photos - Fans instantly replied it was impossible! 
By looking at this photo too, his working out has been paying off considering he is always showing up Arms Covered , this photo showed exactly what he has been hiding. Aaron did discuss releasing a photobook once, and if he did I'm sure it would sell.
On LINE messenger he posted up " They are real" bringing up the issues regarding his eyeliner eyelashes being fake.Many fans made remarks stated they already know his eyes are made with the greatest eyelashes and that he doesn't wear eyeliner so he needless to say doesn't need to prove it anymore! :D
His latest post though said " People ask me if working out every morning then going to work is tiring, honestly it feels great!"
At least he is Happy!! :) 


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