Tuesday, February 25, 2014

F.I.R 阿沁和炎亞綸再次合作!F.I.R Ah Qin joins Aaron Yan again!

The last time they worked together it was in the making of the compositions for "JiNianRi" or Aaron's last hit song "The Moment" this time it is again for Aaron Yan's upcoming album that has yet to be announced on what to expect.
Ah Qin himself has happily expressed on his weibo that "...last time it was only the composition of JiNianRi this time I have enjoyed working on the composition, arrangements, recording, mixing, and even the ideas behind the song!" 
Aaron himself has expressed he is very happy to see a producer like Ah Qin who is willing to put so much time and effort towards music. 
Both music addicts have happily named the song "Xian Zai Kai Shi" (Starting from now) ; which as Xin expresses is going to take a new lead on Aaron's singing abilities and style, It will bring out another side of Aaron. Qin express how he can see the burning passion inside of Aaron and has decided to let it out once again in this new ballad that should have fans standing on the edge to hear!

Hoping everything falls into place for these two! and Excited to hear a new song!


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