Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jiro Wang's Instagram updates

Jiro Wang recently has been very fond of using his IG account, after everyone realized who he was he has gained so many followers, regardless he is doing very well updating everyone of his everyday moods through photos.
The image above he states that 
"I'm not perfect, but I keep trying cause that's what I said I would do from the start." 

Above is a photo of Jiro on the set of X-Family2 or as they are naming it The X-Dormitory, he is posed with Pets Ceng, and Xiu. He said that even though it may just be a cameo as XiaTian and as Gui Long, he is very happy to have returned.
Quite honestly everyone is still very excited to see this series premiere considering only Jiro has continued to take part in the KO-ONE series once more making many fans reminisce the old days of the original Ultimate One Class. Jiro didn't forget to note though that everyone should be looking forward to his new movie "My Broadcasting Girlfriend" to start showing in May. 

This photo is a personal favorite of many of Jiro's fans simply because he said "Mic HOG" under the description, but many fans replied if they went to the KTV with him he could have the mic XD
Regardless I'm sure anyone would want to take the mic home afterwards haha. 


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