Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo Previews & OST list

fan art credits as written: xiao lu si

[When something bad happens, something good will happen afterwards]

This trailer covers how Aaron Yan's character Lu Tian Xin takes a endorsement that was very important to Tao Si Le (Tia Li) , but she decides to not give up and not be weak. Aaron's other character that he plays called Xiao Lu then tell hers, "on the bright side if something bad happens something good will always happen too."; curious at his statement Tao Si Le ask Xiao Lu "When will this good thing happen then?"

[You, look like Lu Tian Xin!!!]

In this trailer Aaron's character Lu Tian Xin announces that he is taking a break from advertising and he is going to look for some more inspiration. He takes on the image of Xiao Lu. As Xiao Lu he goes undercover and runs into Tao Si Le with their first meeting where her can of pink powder spills into his car, and he happily dumps it back onto her. Tao Si Le's hatred towards Tian Xin makes it almost impossible for her to notice that Xiao Lu looks just like Lu Tian Xin. 

Opening Theme- Liang Ge Wo De Ai (two of my loves) - Aaron yan
Ending Theme- Xian Zai Kai Shi Ai Ni ( starting from now I love you) - Aaron Yan
Trailer Theme- Duo Yu De Ai ( Extra Love) - Aaron yan
Insert Song- Ba Ai Huan Gei Zi Ji (Returning love to myself) -Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan above has been seen to not only get to be the opening and the ending theme song singer but he is also the insert song, and the trailer theme designated artist. He has come a long ways as of the last few dramas where he only received maybe ending themes or insert songs. 
He himself has stated other than nervous about this times songs, he is very excited to be able to have the whole soundtrack almost to himself, the music and the characters and also the script are all things he is very happy with. 

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