Friday, March 21, 2014

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo- Press Meeting

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo met with the press last week, Tia Li& Aaron Yan showed up striking the media with their new looks.
Aaron states the outfit he wears is one that most fans online voted on as their favorite to see him in, also noting most the styles for Lu Tian Xin, his character whom is a Director for an advertising comapany, will be closing to european styled suits. His other chracter Xiao Lu, a different character he takes to find back his passion towards advertising, will have a more casual and colorful look. 
Tia's outfit she stated most likely will not be showed in the drama, her attire rather consisted of more everyday casual clothing that is comfortable for working and suitable for her rough character. 

When the two were asked upon the pressure given to them on this dramas ratings Tia answered "There is always stress to come with ratings especially this time because it is my first time as the lead as well, and Aaron's previous dramas have all been so welcomed." Aaron simply smiled and acknowledged stress does come along for the ride. 


The two were later questioned upon their interactions with each other offscreen and their first impressions. Aaron as stated before said "Puff is more direct, open and is pretty much like a buddy to everyone whereas Tia, is more of an introvert but she is very polite and unlike Puff she isn't as direct but understands how to get her point across."
Tia on the other hand made Aaron laugh when she said "I expected Aaron with his age to be more of a little character, someone like a little brothers character but instead I realized he has this ability to make the people around him feel very safe. He gives off a great amount of safety."  Aaron teasingly said after wards "No one fear, I'm here I'll keep you safe." 

The two seem to be getting along very well and even when questioned upon Puff's issues the two openly answer all questions. 

Tia posted the below photo to remind everyone only 14 days left till 
"Ai Shang..." joins everyone onscreen!! 

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