Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taiwan-Japan Tourism Ambassadors, Fahrenheit holds a conference in Tokyo

1st October 2011

National Day, 1st October at 13:00 GMT, Taiwan Tourism ambassadors and popular music group Fahrenheit, held a media conference at the Tokyo Dome next to the City Theatre. This event saw departed member, Wu Chun come together once again with the rest of the Fahrenheit members.

The conference was hosted by Japanese Comedian "Higashino Kouji ", with Taiwan Tourism Bureau's Director-General "Janice Lai" also making a statement, giving encouragement to he post-earthquake Japan as well as welcoming fans to follow their idols and travel to Taiwan for a holiday.

This is also Fahrenheit's forth consecutive year as Taiwan tourism ambassadors. This event also saw all four members after going solo, re-unite once again in Tokyo. The conference was held under a very warm and pleasant atmosphere. The comedian from Yoshimoto was engaged in a humorous Chinese- Japanese conversation with the four people. There was endless laughter from the crowd as Fahrenheit spoke in broken Japanese . At the end of the conference the organizers invited members the popular Japanese group AKB48 to come help out.

The conference was held in front of an audience of 2000 screaming fans and reporters. There was also fan's who held up "thank you" signs, for the fund-raising contributions Taiwan has done for Japan Disaster Relief . Further, at the first available moment,Fahrenheit donated NT $1 Million to Japan.

~Xiao Lin~

Source: sina blog
Translation: blackangel2073@AF

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