Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chun Happy Birthday-a video soon to be up

My jiro video was never posted because of complication but my Happy Birthday Wu Chun video will be up soon!

" Another Year"
For the past 5 years the lover was me
For the past 5 years the lovee was you
You caressed my heart with your personality and ability
For the years that have passed you have matured
For the years that go past so have I
I want to say that the year has past once again
The years are now 32
The day that you were blessing the earth with your presence carry on and on
Another Year Another Blessing
Thank You Superman Thank You
--------------by: Xiao Mei----to:Wu Chun-----------------
 a short devotion for him, it's not great but he has changed too much in my life for me to ignore such a blessed day...

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