Friday, September 30, 2011

The Big Contest!

Our Huang Hao Mei came up with an idea of creating a Fahrenheit contest! What you have to do for this contest if you have to design a photo of fahrenheit of you choice. We will be putting it public on our blog! Be sure that you add in our blog location with it!( If you are in the competition then message us the picture on facebook and we'll put it in the album call Picture Contest! && If you get more like's then anybody else, THEN, Your Picture, will be out Next Profile Picture!!! :D Jia You!!!!

I hope that everyone who participates in this would show how much Fahrenheit means to them! Get fired up! I, Tang Xiao Lin will be joining this competition also! heheh~ Jia you!

Tell you friends to join!

Contest ends the 15th of October!

For More Information ask us on facebook or leave a comment on here.

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