Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Japanese Fans Wish Wu Chun A Happy Birthday

As ambassadors for Taiwan tourism, Fahrenheit went to promote in Tokyo, and held a fan meeting while they were at it. ‘Auntie’ fans especially prepared a cake layered with strawberries for Wu Chun to wish him an early happy birthday, who will be turning 32 on the 10th. The rest of the Fahrenheit members presented him with gifts. Besides wishing to take his family on vacation, Wu Chun also wished that he could fulfill his 3-year dream of releasing a book. He expressed, “I’m not restricted to release a certain kind of book, all of the profit will be donated to charity.”

Calvin playing catch-the-ball-with-a-basket-on-your-back game at the Tokyo fan meeting.

Two thousand fans attended the fan meeting that was held on the 1st. Halfway through the event, a birthday cake was brought out to wish Wu Chun a happy birthday. Calvin Chen gave Wu Chun fifty movie tickets, hoping that he can take some time off work and relax; Aaron Yan gave him tickets to the Frankfurt Motor Show; Jiro Wang bought him the most practical gift, a tanning machine, since he loves to stay tanned.

Fans paid to broadcast a "We <3 Fahrenheit" message on the big screen across from the Shibuya station.

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Source: Appledaily

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