Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sakura Girls Crazy For Fahrenheit, Paralyze The Tokyo Travel Fair

Today, Fahrenheit attended the Tokyo Travel Fair to support the Taiwan booth, but because more than a thousands fans came, the convention hall was unable to receive any other visitors. The entire Travel Fair was close to paralysis, so they had no choice but to change venue for the event.
Fahrenheit went to the Tokyo International Convention Center to participate in the Tokyo Travel Fair for Taiwan. First thing in the morning, more than a thousand fans were already making headway in the venue, and the order in the hall was close to getting out of control, giving the organizers a huge headache. So finally, taking security into consideration, they asked Fahrenheit to conduct their event in another hall, as the crowd of people was still impenetrable.

Fahrenheit's four members Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Arron Yan and Wu Chungave it their all into selling the Taiwan brand to their Japanese fans. Calvin Chenintroduced Danshui and Yangmingshan, saying Yangmingshan's night scenery is very beautiful, and that he, Arron and Da Dong have gone there for their dates. Aside from introducing Long Shan temple, Jiro Wang also recommended Xia Hai Cheng Wong temple, saying that when veteran Japanese singer Sachiko Kobayashi went to Taiwan in February, she went there to seek good luck in her love life. The outcome was very effective, as the 57-year-old Kobayashi is about to get married within the year. Arron Yan introduced the fans to Taiwans snacks like sweets and zhuang yuan cake. Wu Chun introduced the beautiful Long Dong Beach Four Seasons Bay. He said that guys who took their girlfriends to Long Dong Beach to propose got 99% success, and even used Japanese to stress, "It's true."

Fahrenheit members each asked questions about Taiwan tourism towards their fans, and gave a special souvenir to those who answered. Finally, following the lead of Taiwan Tourism Bureau chief Janice Lai, Fahrenheit shouted, "Japan, jia you!", "Support Taiwan! Taiwan the best!", and ended with the slogan, "Welcome to Taiwan!"

The host of the travel fair, Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) president Akira Kanai said that of course he was worried about security as there were too many people, but everyone was very orderly, so the event was successfully closed. He also said that Taiwan's events these past two days were attended by the most people, and believes that even more people will go to Taiwan for sightseeing because of Fahrenheit's charm. Taiwan Tourism Bureau chief Janice Lai said that there were already many fans who asked her during the inauguration what time Fahrenheit will appear, so the organizers were facing a big problem. She originally hoped Fahrenheit will come to the Taiwan booth, but because there were really too many people, they were forced to move the event to the main hall. She also added that even after the event, the Taiwan booth had many people asking for information about traveling to Taiwan, everyone wanted to come to Taiwan, they like Taiwan a lot.

Janice Lai praised Fahrenheit's dedication, and assured that with the degree of welcome the Japanese fans gave them, whether they will continue as Tourism Ambassadors after the second half of next year, "we will know after the bidding". Posing for pictures beside Fahrenheit, Janice Lai has also become a "celebrity" among Fahrenheit fans. Fans already recognize her as Taiwan Tourism Bureau chief. And today at the event, fans were also lining up to take pictures with her. She welcomed all the fans and took pics with all of them.
~Xiao Lin~

Translation by nastyhobbit@AF

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