Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arron Yan in GuiYang

HIM has expressed once that losing Chun is a great lost but with the youngest member Arron growing in popularity HIM was somewhat relaxing also with Jiro and Calvin's fanclubs becoming larger...but Arron's warm and crazy welcom in GuiYang was what proved to me that Arron Yan is the the new "HOT HIT" for the Idols of Asia! His fans are what keep him going but please remember your safety and others okay! I'm passing a message for him!
How people remember that while on I love HSH for Pi Li MIT Arron had expressed that he wanted to shoot a martial art's movie with Chun....though the idea was twisted...Aaron is working on a new drama and he hopes everyone will see his hard work pay off onscreen! He also expressed in GuiYang he really wants to shoot a Martial Arts movie....as for those who didn't know...this image is also one our beloved XiaoLin wants to see!

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