Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little 3 yr old girl gets kissed by FLH during 2010 autograph session

This little girl is so adorable I finally found this clip again! It's when they(FRH) had the third version of Super Hot let out to the public and the crowd had a little three year old girl she was so adorable...calvin was on stage saying did she want FRH to kiss her who did she want...Calvin was hoping him with the tone of his voice but unknowingly it ended up she chose "wu zun"...after the kiss though the crowd shouted she likes dadong! Everyone was puzzled so after WuZun Calvin-n-Jiro kissed her they said here big brother yalun we left a spot for you to kiss!---->forehead!
Everyone girl wanted to be her in that moment...and when arron expressed that her head seemed warm(how sweet) a girl in the audience replied :It'd be weird if she wasn't hot! (tai re is the album)

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