Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fahrenheit Attract 4000 Thousand Girls, Gaining 10 Million.

Charged with the missions to promote Taiwan Tourism, popular music group “Fahrenheit” reunited yesterday. Group members Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan held two consecutive fans meets in Tokyo. , attracting 4000 fans with the ticket sales alone accumulating to as much as NT $10.88 million. Within a year, Fahrenheit as Taiwan’s Tourism Ambassadors, has attracted many Japanese tourists bringing Taiwan Tourism a profit of NT $2.3 billion. At yesterday fan meet, there an appearance from AKB48 as well as from popular Japanese host “Higashino Kouji” who frequently used Chinese to speak with Fahrenheit members. Calvin even invited him to come to Taiwan to host his show together.

Fans made banners to thank Taiwan

Yesterday Fahrenheit held a media conference and fan meet at the Tokyo Dome near City Hall. Their visit to Japan marked their first visit there since the aftermath or the 3/11 Japan Earthquake. Many fans in the audience made banners, which had the words “Thank you, Taiwan” written on it, thanking Fahrenheit for donating 1 million to assist with relief efforts.

Following the news of Wu Chun being allegedly married and with kids, members Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang have also been hit with similar marriage gossip, however they have both denied it. As for fan’s dreams of having them (FRH members) as their husband, Jiro said “Really baffled/confused (一头雾水)” The only member who has not been inflicted with such news, Aaron Yan said “it should be blurred vision (雾里看花)” He believes that all these rumours are all false, they are just a private joke between fans.

Aaron Yan lost, had to drink 5 cups of bitter tea

Yesterday the members were asked to introduce to Japanese fans some of Taiwan’s famous cuisine, and places to visit. Wu Chun rambled on, mentioning the northeast coasts as well as the Hualien and Taitung view. The host Higashino Kouji said “he talks so much, he just keeps on going!” The other members deliberately used Japanese to question, annoying/troubling him.
Fahrenheit and AKB48 were together on the same stage. Fahrenheit gave them Taiwanese Red Tea as a gift, wishing their fame to grow and grow. At the same time they also wanted let them (AKB48) experience the “Bo Bei” culture. Fahrenheit said it could be used as a method to seek marriage, to which the host replied “AKB48 are not allowed to have romantic relationship, so this method may not be able to come in use.”

In addition to performing “The Heart of Asia,” Fahrenheit played a ball game with fans whereby Aaron’s team lost. As a result Aaron was punished to drink 5 cups of bitter tea in one go.

~Xiao Lin~
Original Source: Liberty Times
Translated By: blackangel2073@AF

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