Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chun out with the family

Chun's Daddy essence has become stronger lately, after listening to his daughter and him on the radio over their New Year's broadcast it is very easy to hear how happy of a daddy this gentleman is, also he isn't exactly hiding his family anymore now.

Many fans have spotted him out and about but they are all very courteous of their privacy only shooting photos of him. Considering Chun still wants to keep him family on the down low as much as possible for safety of course. So also as a reminder I just wanted to make sure everyone knew to not over post any photos of his family or where he lives or whatnot for the safety of the little ones <3

The family this time though went out to a little burger joint restaurant when this fan ran into Chun, and they were getting a bite to eat when the fan realized the table next to their's was Wu Chun and his little ones along with his wife.
She posted how she was very happy but didn't want to ruin their meal and only snapped a few photos and his wife told him orders and he went up to order their meal.

Honestly, I think he has never been happier :D


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