Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jiro to become a producer

That's right, he is entering the producing field next!
   He has conquered acting, singing, and his own fashion line what's to hold him back from joining a new profession. The accomplished actor Jiro Wang has become has slowly given him back a good amount of confidence to attempt at becoming a producers.
This has yet to be a hands down condition just yet but he is considering producing his first Ancient Chinese series. After all this past year he did shoot over 5 different movies and fans are chasing him around everywhere just to keep up with his busy schedule; on top of all the commotion though many news critics would rather know when does he plan to settle down.

   He state that he originally planned on 35, but considering that he has just now started considering producing where it will require him understanding the script to a different level, and making important decisions such as the characters being chosen or clothing and ect... he believes that plan will be delayed. This may leave fans relieved but leaves Jiro's mother weary if she'll ever get to hold her grandson/daughter, his mother is profound for speaking out that though Jiro is a busy she still wants a baby to cuddle up to. (Let's not forget last year she stated she didn't care if he was married or not, she just wanted the baby- I am sure she was joking but it is quite amusing.)

   Regardless he is going to be producing soon and he will also be partaking in the new Legend of Condor Heroes as a minor character for a start on Ancient Series, and after wards this year he is to release a new album also shoot some more new scripts. When anymore info is released we will share!



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