Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aaron Yan Teams up with Populady YuShan&BaoEr (CNY PROGRAM)

It's BEST RADIO~ Happy New Year show so let's welcome Papaya~!

This is PopuLady's YuShan, Bao Er & Yan Ya Lun,
Aaron clears up when YuShan questioned the name that Papaya sounds better than
PapaYan because papaya is a fruit giving it more meaning than papayan~ which sounds more
a child calling their daddy- papa yan! ^_^
The first song on the list was Aaron Yan's "Ji Nian Ri"

As the show carries on they talk about what they do during their new years with family and Yu Shan explains how they eat a meal together and play games while Bao Er explains that she lights fireworks with her family and they sit around together and chat.
Aaron playing the nosey role for the listeners ask what exactly they talk about and Bao Er says usually work, or what they are learning, Aaron as a good host ;) says "What about boyfriends? They don't ask about that stuff?"
Yu Shan and Bao Er both laugh and say that is private material they don't ask, and when Aaron is asked he quick switches to saying their time is running out and PopuLady's song "XiaoWeiLai (little future)" starts to play.

The next segment of the show Aaron mentions how populady has released a new album last year and ask what their favorite song is and Yu Shan answers they liked every song, and Aaron quickly replies "Stop with those polite answers, I want the truth", and since he asked BaoEr and she answers the same he says " Okay nothing to talk about here now" the girls quickly respond and say that they want to know something about him. He is asked "From the time you debuted till now what is the most embarrassing thing that occurred to you."Aaron thinks and says, "Honestly recently there was one incident, where I was backstage and saw MC40 (from DaMouth) and I saw he had a new haircut and I accidently called out "HEY JR" (another showhost/ex boyband member) ; realizing I was wrong he looked around and looked for JR before I said Hi again and left." Then the show goes to another song. Aaron Yan's "Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang"

As the laughs carry on after the song, the girls introduce once again Papaya~ but Aaron purposely slowly reopens again and says Hello we are papaya and we are papaya because we have two populady's and a Yan Yalun. Only limited for CNY. He later allows them to introduce their first debut song "Yi Zhi Yi Zhi Ai" which is a remake of the classic "Pretty Boy"; the two girls sing a part live before the song itself is played.

Afterwards the girls go on talking about how to prepare themselves before going onstage for a performance, and Aaron asked them first what kind of question it that and YuShan simply says "I was curious, so I wanted to ask." Aaron laughing replies "During the RedWhiteShowcase I was really nervous and the first thing I do when I'm nervous is that I have to ask others and since Yoga was behind stage with me I asked him since he performs with instruments alot, and he was more nervous than I was."
They then play Aaron's "BeiWangLu"

The following topic was probably the funniest one of the night considering Bao Er finally asked a very peculiar question to towards Aaron, She is curious since Aaron worked with their cutie Yu Shan and Aaron first question this statement by saying "Cute? you sure you didn't mean the manliest?" and Bao Er says "manly & cute?" and finishing asking about how they had their Insomnia performance and the kiss was an accidental incident but how did Aaron feel about it. Aaron laughs and says "Well honestly if you're wondering about the feeling then, they were soft. Her LIPS were soft, definitely real with no botox at all!" and all of them laugh while Yu Shan whom is very embarrassed still tries to open to the next song. (It was AMei's song but it was cut out but JiaJia's ad is still played)

The End the show by sharing how they wish to spend their new year, and Aaron openly starts off by saying that other than sharing time with family, working out more and working hard on his career he just hopes to create future plans and wants to accomplish everything one by one. Yu Shan surprises everyone by saying she wishes to go sky diving before she gets to an age where she is too scared to do such daring things. Bao Er on the other hand says she wants to work harder on her other talents besides singing and dancing, known as on of the more flexible members in PopuLady she mentions wanted to learn how to do a mid-air back flip but their manager thinks it is too dangerous.

Papaya's Show - Aaron, YuShan&BaoEr  *listen here if you wish :D

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