Friday, February 14, 2014

A Time Of Love Update

Story Line

Aaron plays the character Chen Da Tian, who comes from Taiwan and takes a flight over to Japan searching for a recipe from a 300 Year Old wagashi store called "Wada House." Da tian is searching for the Wada House's bakery teacher, Naomi Watanabe, who plays the role of  Yoshiko Wada being the 10th generation of the teachers. When he arrives at the bakery, he discovers that Yoshiko is a fat and ugly girl. One the other hand, she needs to marry someone before she turns 30 or else she would not be able to take over the Wada House, which is a family business. In conclusion, Yoshiko and Da Tian carries a fake marriage until the day that she turns 30.

While waiting for A Time of Love to come out, they have a page that everyone can follow, which has clips from behind the scenes videos. 

-Xiao Lin-


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