Friday, February 21, 2014

Jiro Comes Back as GuiLong in X-Family2

X-Family2 now being renamed as 
X-Dormitory will be bringing back the X-Family memebers Lan Mei Xin jiejie (mom) , and also Xiao Rou (XiaMei) ; But we cannot forget our hero or shall I say vilian? Gui Long!! Played by none other than Jiro Wang.

He is under a new contract but the actor doesnt look like he'll be throwing this series aside just yet, after all it did play a role in his breakthrough for acting :) 

How long Jiro will participate is still in the hands of the script writers but regardless this series will be another one to look forward to!! 


  1. YEEEEESSSS~~~~~~ i was right! i KNEW there would b an x family 2, as i saw on jiro's facebook from all the pictures~ now if we can only get lan ling wang and meng zhu back on here..

  2. lol wats with the random kashaba wangzi comic tho? ToGetHer memories xD

    1. I believe he found it on the set of the scene and was reading it then decided to share old memories with everyone.