Friday, September 2, 2011

Jiro Shocks In "The House" Transformation

From Boys To Men:

Big Shock as the Big East for the first time on the big screen work, "The House" ,about her fiance brought home, after the actress comes to the house ,dark, horror stories and strange events follows. The film directed by the Golden Horse Best Cinematography Pan Hengsheng. Jiro Wang and Tong Liya played many male and female leads, will be released on September 23.

In this blend of love, suspense, thriller complex story, Jiro played the fiance is a handsome,bearded, slovenly man, but on television screen he was a complete different person before. "And before the play is very different," Big East said in an interview, "To play Debu in movies, showing and focusing more on life, for which I need to adjust myself for changes."

As for the transformation of Jiro, "The House" allows us to see his future more possibilities. Big East, said in an interview, he was very like to try costume drama performances, like played the role of generals and etc .
If you own to a certain level of attainment, but then you also want to try more complex role.

When asked about how the future will be, the big laughs and tells friends, "Standing on stage was my Dream, and the performances till now gives me quite a sense of accomplishment, I think that my next profession is as an Actor, I want to work continuously to learn , and to experience a different life.

Life Outside The Performing Arts:

Singing, dancing, acting, Jiro is a true "multi-dwelling artists," and there is even a hobby let him forget about the sleepless nights and even to go to the bathroom - that is "Painting". What Jiro loves to draw is "Realism", he graduated from the School of Fine Arts specializes in all types of painting. Like Van Gogh, painting was in place and then go out charity work.

In order to search for the past buried deep in her heart, "Painting The Soul", he went to Netherlands, the heart of most famous artist Van Gogh, restructuring their feelings, with pictures and brush, the search for self-travel trip, and finally brought together into a similar confession of the book "Van Gogh and I", which has also been highly acclaimed all over.

Currently, Big East has just reached age of 30 years old, the film's propaganda is very important, and his new career has been steadily developing. In the interview, the Reporter said take a look at news on the Big East Network, he is currently designing their own clothing, In Shanghai in October this year, he will be opening his first flagship store brand M-JO, I hope you are able to enjoy your lives, the world is full of love .

Thank You Mother:

Jiro's acting career was not always so smooth, as it is going now, he is most grateful to his mother. "Everyone says that behind a man's success there is a woman, and I think this woman is my mother." Reveals a strong Big East's eyes, "When Father left us, I and my Mother were alone. Then there was a feeling that we can not do anything, I felt sad for my mother. "

Big East said that from age of 16, he took no money from his home. Not only to support themselves but also to manage his fathers medical expenses, he hid his child feeling, he keep telling himself "must be strong", and this belief has come to support him today.

"I have thought to see the premiere with my mother, but there may be too many fans and reporters, my Mother may not be used to it." When asked whether the presenters will bring their mother to see their movie, Big East simply smiled.
~Xiao Lin~


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