Friday, September 2, 2011

[Interview] Aaron Yan : Trend Is That People Do Not Like The Same Thing

Five years time was enough to soar Fahrenheit's four boys grow into men. Five years time enough for them to understand what they have to do their own in the end. Always claimed that they may go solo but will not dissolve, but now Aaron is no longer bound by the old rule of combination , and cut off the lovely hair, put on a stylish full shape, even a small make up for his smoky look, again surged to the singer's identity with his own solo album, "The Next Aaron" 《下一个炎亚纶》 in everyone's sight. 

"I still do not speak much", "finally have the opportunity to make people listen to me sing," and " 6 songs with six kinds of style, are in my heart to sing." Almost every interview he said these few sentences, then become a butterfly behind which always have a pain. He used his voice to talk with the people, "I am waiting for the next me, to challenge the me now."

A : Aaron

Y : Recently, you filmed the last MV , is there any new plans ? Or , Is the album will have a new MV ?
A : The recent focus is on the new album, "The Next Aaron" propaganda, the company has plans to shoot new film and is in the talks, very soon will have a newwork presented to you .

Y : I heard that you have a variety of musical instruments, are they all for your own interest of learning?
A : This is basically because I'm very fond of music, hoping to have my very own creation, so I'm learning all these instruments.

Y: How do you usually prefer the style of dress?
A: I usually have the same for out and home, but more relaxed comfortable.

Y: I heard you like to eat a variety of snacks, you do more exercise to consume it?
A: Haha, you even know this fact better, exercise is a must to do, I think the most important thing to keep fit is to press on (keep going).

Y: For the future what is in your plan?
A: The future will certainly still be more development in the music, of course,drama, hosting and other areas will be also involved.

Y: What feature of you, do you think your fans gets attracted to you?
A: Haha, I said to myself this is strange, but I think it may be because I was lucky ,of course, also like to thank so much support for my fans.

Y : In the Future, will more mainland development (work)?
A : Ah Sure, I like mainland , especially to eat, haha, I hope to have more opportunities for work in there.

Y : Talk about your views on pop culture ?
A : I think the trend is people don't like the same thing, each person's understanding is different, it is difficult to define a standard, so you have to find your own feeling about what is the current way of life.

~Xiao Lin~

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