Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yan Yalun's message to Japanese fans!

Just found these 3 voice messages of Yalun, and would like to share it with you all .

Dated: July 3rd 2011

[Message 1]

啊…… 本来八月是要拍一部戏这样,但是呢,现在档期往后延。那就希望日本这边的经纪公司能够也多排一些活动,让我跟各位粉丝们见面。比如说是像是六月十一号的演唱会,能够把它浓缩精华成一个小型的音乐会,来到日本跟大家分享。

Yes ... ... Originally had plans to shoot a drama in August , but now its schedule is extended for future. It is hoped that the brokerage firm can also arrange some events in Japan, for more opportunities to meet with you fans. For example, like the small scale June 11 concert, come to Japan to share with you.

[Message 2]

非常感动,然后也知道自己是还很在意这个地方的粉丝的支持。然后也希望以后能够真的除了发中意的歌曲之外,也可以自己能够唱一些日本的单曲,然后到这边来 做更多的宣传。比如说像上各位的电视节目或者是广播电台。然后也可以来这边多学一些日文,希望将来真的可以用日文跟大家沟通。

Has been very impressed. I noticed that the care was very cheering from fans in Japan. In addition to the future of his love singing songs, if possible would like to sing Japanese songs, and came to Japan to promote more. For example, I would like also to appear in Japanese television and radio programs. Then, learing more Japanese here, I hope to someday actually interact with you in Japanese.

[Message 3]

谢谢各位大哥大姐来到现场,还设了这场活动,对我来说意义很大。希望这张专辑能够听到啊…… 炎亚纶喜爱音乐的态度跟喜欢音乐的热诚,还有喜欢唱歌的那个最原始的自己。然后多多来日本能够跟大家做分享。

Thank you Big Brother Big Sister (referring to staff members and repoters) to came to the scene, and for setting up this event, for me, it means a lotl. Through this album, I want you to feel the passion and love of Aaron for Music, I feel very appreciated and like the song "The Next Me" from it. More and More coming to Japan, to meet you and share with you.

~Xiao Lin~


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