Friday, September 2, 2011

Wu Zun Misunderstood "My Kingdom" As A Warrior Script

Recently, Wu Zun said in an interview with DaBao, that play in the "My Kingdom" was interesting,he said that he played the role but at the beginning he mistakenly believed that "My Kingdom" is kind of depicts the effort of "Strong Warriors" on Battlefield. He then slowly learned about the Opera. In "My Kingdom" Wu Zun has acted from their clothing,from make-up to the words and deeds have lamented the high standards and admits that he played great in the process of "My Kingdom" and is very enjoyable.

"Kingdom" Mistaken As "Holy Warriors"

Wu Zun said that he grew up in Brunei, so he did not know what the opera is actually . So in the film "My Kingdom" before, Chun had thought that the "My Kingdom" refers to the kind of fighters on the battlefield, very strong self-righteous people who refer to martial arts. He was still thinking again how to play such a "holy warriors", with perfection. When picked up this movie, I got the real opportunity to learn. I realize I misunderstood the original meaning Takefu. In the crew a lot of professional opera born actor who, Wu Zun often referred for their opinion, in practice, they also have been observing them, Wu Zun and said he often surf the Internet to check some information, then repeated to see some of the prior opera-related film, from which he got to understand the opera. Then the audience was fortunate to see My Kingdom originally thought was "Holy Warriors", Wu Zun, transformed into a real Takefu (warrior).

Oily Head, Heavy Makeup

Wu Zun thinks that script in "My Kindom" and Warriors are alike, to do everything as Takefu(warriors) see themselves pushed to the most tight, most extreme, and trying to do everything well. For the Opera, Wu Zun had to maintain his oil hairs, heavy makeup. Peking Opera makeup takes a long time, every detail has to be taken care of, if not careful then, on the big screen it is easy to find flaws.

Wu Zun said that the opera makeup each time took nearly an hour or two, he rarely had an opportunity to have this kind of make up, so this film was particularly fun, you can try different things, so often self-timer. But also "can not afford to get hurt" because of the makeup is not easy, can not move, can only use a straw to drink water. Cleansing is even more difficult, Wu Zun still remember the first time that the makeup did not get off entirely, cannot afford to go back with that face.

Not only the heavy make-up was on the requirements but also many of the martial arts and Wu Zun did not come in contact of any of them before, there are many with a combination of opera, like using Huaqiang. Wu Zun has learned sword play before, but not the Huaqiang (as for double knife sword) and as Huaqiang, such weapons is not easy to start with, then after getting familiar with it "Very Satisfied."

~Xiao Lin~

Sources: fahrenheitai blogspot

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