Friday, November 7, 2014

只因單身在一起 Together Because We Are Single (Jiro&Joe New Drama)

Hunan TV - new romance drama "Together because we are single" starring: 
鄭元暢小綜  Joe Cheng,汪东城 Jiro Wang, and rising chinese actress 徐璐 Xu Lu.
The three and other actors showed up in Chang Sha's temple while they prayed for no problems during the shooting. 

This cute little poster is currently the poster being used on the weibo page for now. Its a cute and warming image if you ask me :D

     Jiro Wang/XuLu/JoeCheng

Jiro Wang Xu Lu and Joe Cheng pose together for a photo

Jiro Wang and Xu Lu pictured above for the ceremony
There hasn't been any storyline given out yet, so I am still unclear on the story line. The only fact that I do know of though is that Jiro is the second male lead, and Joe is the first male lead. The female lead Xu Lu is new rising star in China and she too has watched Joe and Jiro's drama before.
This years drama would be the 3rd time of Joe and Jiro working together, since the I Started With a Kiss series the two have yet to work together again, and now they are working together again after so many years! Both Jiro and Joe have increased in their acting capabilities also, so I am anticipating this drama a lot :D 


  1. Boo. :( Jiro is leading man material!

  2. old memories of iswak! but yeah... wish that jiro could be the main this time :(((( but its ok :D happy to see them working together again. and im always excited to hear that jiro's got a new drama.