Friday, November 21, 2014

CalvinChen -a real gentleman in Amazing Race

So the original plan was I was waiting for all episodes of this show to aire and as I'm compiling them I'd put them here so all you guys can watch at once, because the wait is just unbearable. But this past episode that took place in DuBai really put me in a position where I felt I have to share this incident with all you fans.
First allow me to say, Calvin Chen is a great man. He has a good character and also he has fair sportmanship- throughout these episodes you will see who will cheat to win and who will lie to get ot the top. All I can say it- it puts into perspective who has what type of personality. 
Zhou Wei Tong, Calvin's partner for the show- sadly doesn't have a strong personality, I usually don't approve of judging character and such but this time around it really bugged me. 
1. they got past the first section of the mission, as they are going to decide to go sled bowling or go driving high speed on a course- she throws the biggest baby fit, because Calvin admits himself that he isn't and doesn't have any idea on how to the sledding mission- Zhou on the other hand is throwing a tantrum still saying " I WANT TO GO SLEDDING"- later Calvin keeps talking to her trying to comfort her but instead she just ignores him. Finally Calvin gives in and says they will go sledding. [gentleman act 1]
2. Downstairs, they already passed and just need to go to the car to head over to the indoor sledding building and even though the group that comes in after are the LAST group Zhou decides to fib that they had the wrong ornament to pass the level. Luckily Calvin came up and said "Wei Tong stop it. They helped me in the last rounds." The two competitors realized that Calvin was helping them and praised him for his honest. [gentleman act2]
3.Later on when they are competing at other sports, because they are losing Zhou decides even though the other team is already chose to be GREEN, that Zhou wants to be GREEN too. Calvin tries to tell her they cannot do that as it breaks the rules. She doesn't care and runs off to the tents and tries to switch. Calvin calming explains how they cannot break the rule and just have to keep trying. [gentleman act 3]

There have been other incidents too, but personally i feel bad for Calvin for ending up with such a poor partner who was actually even LATE in the morning when everyone was heading out?? LATE its a RACE! Calvin had to wait on her, because she wanted to finish her MAKE UP.

But anger and aggravation aside I may just conclude that Calvin Chen you are one GREAT MAN, his patience, persistence, and his commitment to the team effort is amazing. 

And I don't dislike Zhou, I'm sure she may be a nice girl somehow- but currently she is being a spoiled baby...just saying- I'll probably get over it eventually. (no promises but I'll continue to follow for Calvin's sake)


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