Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SanLi Drama Award starts up "VOTE FOR Fall in Love With Me"


SanLi Dram Awards Ceremony has started up, and this year it's Fall in Love With Me in the running! Last year Aaron took home the most awards for Just You, and I wish to see him take home most the awards for "Fall in Love With Me" but I also hope to see perhaps Puff and Aaron pass on the "Best Couple Award" to Aaron and Tia haha (it'd be a confusing scene and so amusing) but sadly I believe Lego Li and Ren Rong Xuan have a good chance at it also! 

Currently Fall in Love With Me is leading a many of the categories but sadly the votes are only 30% but if the 30% is a landslide win there will be no worries! 
So fans if you have a weibo or know anyone who has one, just ask them to vote for Aaron and Tia and Fall in Love in Me's - Dad Tao, and Fu Bo (butler)!

Fall in Love With Me, deserves so many awards especially for the tears we all shed and the laughs we all gave :)

Support <3


Some teaser clips that you all should remember :

The kiss - the final night...

The ending.. a wedding to seal the promise

My favorite scene: the snap nap!

Poor Tian Xing and his suffering...Tao Le Si is always here.

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