Saturday, November 15, 2014

Aaron Yan's Mom shows up to support in Shanghai

Talk about super mom, doesn't matter where he is doing promotions she always shows up to support the number one fan of him for sure. After marry off a happy little daughter her only worry now is the same one she had when they were little kids, the naughty older brother whose grown to be more and more independent and willing to share his thoughts. His biggest fear though is still her. "My mom was the strict one in the household when I was younger, dad was never home much but when he was it was usually little small talk." -Aaron stated this before and he still fears his mom today for the fact he can't control what she will say next .

Shanghai's fansmeeting and music concert wasn't a situation he didn't have that fear either, she kept trying to steal the microphone from him to share more secrets with fans. Aaron though successfully only allowed her to give the blessings before snatching the mic back. The two shared their hugs and kisses before Wu Mama returned to her seat and Aaron continued the mini-concert.

It's amusing how nervous he looks in some of these fans shots XD

-xm (latepost)

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