Saturday, November 22, 2014

Some words from Admin (xm)...-the moods are here-

First off, I really wanna thank all the fans that have been supporting this blog lately. I become so happy to share all these great things each and every Fahrenheit member is doing. Also, I apologize to those of you who love Wu Chun, but it is true I am some what incapable at times and it becomes hard to follow him. Same goes for Jiro or Calvin or Aaron fans who feel I could do better. I do try my best to bring all of you as fans of Jiro, Chun, Aaron or Calvin all the greatest news in a language that you all can understand.
In all actuality though, I was like you once. I did not speak chinese, and I am also not chinese. I dreams to see Fahrenheit perform and since for a little girl in middle school that was too far of a wish instead I came together with my best friends haomei and xiaolin and created a blog that could help and assist all fans of Fahrenheit to stand together and understand everything globally.
I've come across hundreds of blogs,better than mines and ran into many fans too who say they will support these guys and soon blogs die, fans change hearts and as we have committed our hopes and dreams to Fahrenheit just like you all... we've stayed.
These words are words from my heart and my soul, I just remembered after reading so many different hurtful messages from fans that the situation right now is worse than expected.
Rumors of Fahrenheit not being brothers, started when they debuted. Fans denied all these 5 years ago, and today almost to their 9 year anniversary and I see fans step out to choose a bias and then disbelieve in all the others.
You guys may have forgotten, if it wasn't for this "fake friendship" everyone has labeled on Fahrenheit... these idols you all loved may have never existed.  Perhaps their friendship wasn't a strong one, true. But they spent 5 years together, sleeping, fighting, and learning who eachother really was... their true story all fans deep down you all know it!
If your a pudding, a cupcake,a rocker, or an angel... I'm sure at one point in time you saw the four stand together.

Such emotional topics I never like to touch, because it causes too man issues. I just do not like to witness fans fight with fans and blame one or another Fahrenheit fans for their actions. I wanted to remind all of you... the reasons they did what they did, their decisions and their every motion was always watched by fans.

When Wu Chun spoke of his marriage, many were shocked he lied..but did you all think how he felt. To me the Wu Chun I see now, is so much more happy and free.
When Aaron broke and spoke, fans took sides all Fahrenheit fans started to believe what they now think is a lie or the truth. To me, Aaron said "We are not the best of Friends" he didn't say "We hate eachother so please hate us too."

Change comes and goes, accept or not I do not mind but I wanted to remind everyone 9 years ago I was also a new fans, and I fell in love with a band everyone labeled nothing but using their own power they've proven theirselves.
Alone or as a band, to me they've sacrificed so much and how everyone is repaying them seems to almost be selfish...image if one or the other reads what fans write about hating him or others how awkward it would be for them to meet eachother.
We ourselves have become black listed fans if you ask me, by tormenting them into lives of lies. Aaron did state what he did, so what? is that not his choice?
Jiro at one point and time may have had conflicts with Aaron?so what? NO ONE but them knows the truth...
And Chun and Calvin may have secretly dated and Chun did get married... having love and companionship is good is it not?

Lies, hate and all these negative statements...honestly just shocks me. I do not know how you all choose nor can I tell you to love Fahrenheit...but I'm given an authority to say this:

Fahrenheit is 4 season, 4 temperatures,4 men...they are different, but they are hard working individuals. and they are HUMAN.

Human means mistakes are made, that's why humans are given a choice to forgive.

Sorry for my long rant...but in all I just really wanted to thank all those fans who have stood up and followed and supported our blog thru their love for each FRH member.


My apologies if I offend anyone.  


  1. Well said.

    I think that in the end, the nature of their relationship isn't something we can just assume by reading news articles or hearing reports. And even if the members do say something... Well, we don't know the whole story, so again, we can't just judge by what we hear/see.

    Thank you for all the updates on our boys. Your hard work is very much appreciated. :)


  2. i still believe in that dream >_< i have wondered what it would be like if i liked a different band... ive never been able to like any band more than fahrenheit tho... theyre the first to touch my heart. u can see how they have worked so hard over the years, how they have improved and grown... i feel like they're so well rounded, like it's rare to find other bands whose members act AND sing AND host AND own stores/ compose/ everything else these guys do. and while we all wish they were the best of friends that could ride off into the sunset.. im just glad i got a chance to know about them and like them. because they deserve my support.

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    1. 我说了 每个人是人 一样的道理

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    1. You really did read alot, haha even my rants.

    2. We fans have to stick together! ;D