Friday, November 21, 2014

Jiro Wang- "Together we are single" Drama promo clips

Hello, I'm Lin Bo Yuan

Jiro Wang in his upcoming drama alongside Joe Cheng, he plays Lin Bo Yuan. A vet who is kind, open, and very extroverted. A grown up little boy basically. His character is very simple and simply wishes to find a fun loving girl like himself who can play and enjoy everyday with him. Due to his kind nature though, most girls make him only a "friend" as he always receives the "Good Guy Card" but Lin Bo Yuan awaits on Hu Nan TV for his Ms Perfect.

In the clip above Jiro celebrates and promotes "Gan Guan Jie" which means the singles day in the Chinese culture to celebrate the day of the singles in the world. Jiro also explains that he doesn't understand why his character Lin Bo Yuan is still single, because he himself is still single. He states he doesn't mind it as he is putting his career ahead of him. Later asked about his ideal woman, he states "If she can enter a kitchen, then I can exit a heaven." - stating a woman who can grab his stomach first is the one to be his forever.
Jiro's new drama is to premiere in mainland, though I am not sure if they'll dub his voice usually they don't cover up his- praying and hopefully this drama is shot smoothly without no worries- my blessings to you Jiro.

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