Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Valentine's Day! 七夕情人節!

What did you do on Valentine's Day in Taiwan?
Jiro was with his mom, Calvin singed on CCTV, Aaron and Wu Chun??? I'm not quite sure. 

Jiro's weibo post:  
和媽媽一起過情人節,咱的燭光晚餐是「媽咪親手包的水餃」 好吃!好吃! 
Rough translation
Together with mom on Valentines's day,  we candle light dinner "Mommy personally package dumplings" Delicious! Delicious!

Calvin's weibo&facebook update : Sweetheart, let me sing a love song for u. Happy Valentine's day <3

Aaron's weibo post: 七夕情人節快樂 !祝福有情人的人幸福 ,沒情人的人快來當我的情人吧

Rough Translation
“Happy Chinese Valentine’s! Wishing all couples a blissful valentine’s, if you’re single come be my lover.”

Happy Valentine's day to all the couples out there! <3
~From only4FRH Admins

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  1. 挖~看起來都是好棒的七夕情人節禮物喔~