Friday, August 9, 2013

Jiro Wang and Wu Chun Shanghai Basketball Night

Wu Chun and Jiro Wang were both present this year for the Sprite Charity Basketball Game in Shanghai. Though the main Guest is Kobe and Jay Chou, fans of all the other plays also appeared, wuchun and jiro's fans also didnt back down on the chance to see the two brothers playing on the same team once again. 
Last year though Aaron showed up to play with Chun but they were on opposite teams, many were glad to see Fahrenheit reunite this year! 
Jiro before the game didnt forget to look good on camera telling everyone time to win!

Yea~ Brother moment!

The coincidences ! 7-8-9!

It is quite weird whenever someone else catches you taking photos of yourself but this image was pricless!

This one is a personal favorite of mines!

The night did have a lot of performances though, aside from Jiro Wang performing artist like Jay Chou and Ding Dang and others performed. 


  1. :D DONGCHUN~~~~
    theyre so cute. i love these brotherly moments. i love how the basketball competition always seems to bring them back together. <3
    where can i watch the tournament?

    1. I havent found any videos yet but if i do I will try to post the links up :)