Friday, August 9, 2013

Fahrenheit response to their Fan Club Leaders Illness

I too have already expressed my prayers to a person not many overseas fans are aware of, her name is Fiona or that is her english name at least and she is also the person who helped Fahrenheit start their first fan club.
8yrs ago she fell in love with them and has dome everything in her power to let more people  fall in love with them. 
Recently though due to certain matter she fell ill, went into surgery and currently is still unconscious.  
I've spoken to Fiona on wb before and she is a great person everyone send out ur prayers to her as Fahrenheit also did.


  1. get better soon, fiona!!! even though I don't personally know her, but someone who did something so great for our boys deserves our best wishes. and that's nice of the fei luns to do that ^_^