Friday, August 16, 2013

Saving General Yang - a masterpiece

Ronny Yu is definitely Ronny Yu, he did not disappoint me. Saving general yang this story is a familiar one that is always remade in ling series, being a movie it is hard to move forward the story of the Yang Clan but Ronny did it with amazing screen play.
Wu Chun performance this time let me see that his role was fit for him, you can see and understand that he is not a character of war but of love and peace. 
I also took my time and examined both Vic Chou and Fu Xin Bo, and I may say that I was surprised by Fu Xin Bo's excellent performance of the seventh son. He pulled out to show a lot of character but not to an over bearing snotty kid like the other series I've seen, rather just simply hot headed. Vic, on the other hand did not let me down. His character is very silent but all the features in his physical performance and eyes. The other brothers also all exhibited outstanding strengths in emotion and combat, the father himself I believe was chosen very well; he naturally carried a weight of his job to his country in the aura that surrounds him.
All around the imaging, and screen play were great and I'd say this movie was a simple masterpiece. It was just too short, the climaxes made me want to keep watching forever~

-xm- (Totally worth my money!

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