Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today Aaron talked on KKBOX

Today Aaron talked on KKBOX during 4PM. This lasted about one hour and a half

Quick summary from aaronyupdates on tumblr.
  • He says he’s in company today, not filming. He’s enjoying afternoon tea with his company friends ^^ He hasnt drank milk tea for awhile.
  • Boss Qi is “working” at KKBOX today.
  • He would try to visit everyone all over the world if he can, he’s busy filming right now, so he might not have time.
  • His new book would be released on 30th August, there’s autograph session on 1st sept.
  • He promises to consider different venues in Taiwan for autograph sessions, Aaron says whenever a venue is chosen it is always discussed with the company first.
  • Boss Qi jokes that his “company” here at KKBOX has the same rules applied, you can’t date here either! :P Not even on typhoon days!
  • Aaron asks if fans are starting school yet (Its summer vacation in taiwan)
  • He’s working hard to produce the new album.
  • Aaron misses all the puddings worldwide. You can write a letter to him, he promises that he’ll read all of them. (Send it to HIM International to get to him)
  • He secretly tells us that the pre-order version of the photobook has more benefits included.
  • His leg injury has recovered but he can’t play basketball yet.
  • If the photobook’s popular among every country, the company might consider arranging Aaron to travel to different countries for autograph session.
  • He has another job scheduled on later on so he had to leave on time.

Basically, he played most of his album songs, Junior and seniors of HIM’s songs (Yoga, S.H.E, Hebe, Oliva, Anthony etc), his drama songs (Just You songs, Alien’s song and the duet with Genie) and some english songs during the KKBOX listen to.

Credits to aaronyupdates

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