Sunday, August 4, 2013

Calvin Chen, Dou Hua Mei, Li Xiang Lin on Tian Cai Chong Chong Chong

Calvin Chen, Dou Hua Mei, and Lin Xiang Lin work together for the drama Love Touch or in chinese Wo Ai Xing Yun Qi (I love lucky seven); The drama aires every Sunday night.
The drama covers how people shouldnt look over family and friends and should believe that sometimes Luck has a lot to do with their lives. 
Calvin plays the lucky man of the drama ever since he was young he was blessed with luck.
Dou Hua Mei plays the unlucky girl who had to learn kung fu as a child but doesnt want to inherit her family's dojo(idk what else to call it).
LiXiangLin plays Dou Hua Mei's bestfriend and a star sign reader she is the one who alerts the two when their luck may change.

This drama is really good and everyone should give it a shot! 

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