Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[Event] Asia Music Festival

Full Asian music chart awards ceremony will be held Jiro Wang 

Jiro's recent challenge is the show "Shui mian ji xian." Soon again he will send a blessing for the whole Asia Music Chart Annual Festival with a new image appearance and postive energy. The Asia Music Festival is said to be on August 15th in Guangzhou International Sports Arena with Jiro and many more Chinese celebrities along with Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Min Soo, Hong Hongxing, and B1A4. The time for this event would be 7pm-9pm (19.00-21.00)

Credits to http://music.yule.sohu.com/

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  1. Hey Guys. I was wondering if you knew when Jiro's next performance concert tour date and public appearance will be this year? Thanks.

    1. Sorry for such a late reply, I've been held up with school and moving around.
      But as of the current status let me make sure I'm understanding your question :D

      You are wondering if Jiro will be have another concert tour correct? Public appearances are always easier to find, If you want I can look into it for you and get you a quick update....
      For the time being his current company and himself has yet to speak of a concert appearance but he has been making a lot of comic con and endorsement appearances... I will try to update more for you so you can see a little more on time when these things will occur.

      :DDD xm

    2. Thanks for responding!

      Yes, that is correct. I was wondering if Jiro will have another concert tour. I would like it if you could look into his public appearance dates or comic and endorsement appearances. I would appreciate it if you could post updates on that. Also, do you know where or if it were possible to send fan mail?

      Ok. Thanks a lot! :D

    3. So currently he hasn't spoken about a concert tour yet, and mostly he has been doing live shows and not really making too many appearance but if he does I'll post it up for everyone too see.

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  3. I would also like to know if he will have tours somewhere in Asia that will be easier for me to go. I really wanted to see him. Been following him for 7 years now.

    1. Jiro currently doesn't have any plans on tours but if you keep following I'll post up if he plans to do any kind of performances. -xm