Thursday, June 4, 2015

Calvin Chen Fans Replace his BMW logo :) Absolutely Adorable

So, some time ago the logo on Calvin's car had gotten stolen when he was parked in a parking garage. I do not know who would or why they stole the logo or what use it'd be, but its happened before and then he got a new one...well just a few weeks prior he got it stolen again!?!

The sweet part of this occurrence happens now, fans were actually able to go and buy him a new logo and they had it mailed to him. Calvin uploaded the post onto his facebook, and thank the kind fan as he wasn't 100% sure whom it was. (Hey, maybe it was a car dealership manager? or a car sales man? or just a kind young woman? who knows/ only they do^^)

Photos uploaded by CC/PhotoCollage Xm

Well sunshine boy if anything you have a bundle of angel's cherishing you and your car and all your possessions. As you all remember he lost his favorite hats in Japan and fans were actually able to get those back to him too! Calvin Chen you are simply a lucky man and very blessed too. 

We all love you Sunshine!


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