Thursday, June 4, 2015

Aaron Yan & Bii perform together for HITO Music Awards," Aaron Wins HITO STAR Award"

Aaron Yan & Bii Performance (TTV Version)
Aaron Yan & Bii Performance (SETTV version)
Aaron Yan & Bii Perform "KaiMenJianShan" (CTV version)

Above are links to Aaron Yan & Bii's performances. The two performed their own songs and a song by AMei Chang, Kai Men Jian Shan. A heavy Rock song that had the whole crowd screaming, I'm pretty sure it was because these two were on stage together though, that made everyone scream their heads off *haha*

Aaron Yan opened the performance with his dance single "No Cut - Yi Dao Bu Jian" , Bii using his own korean written lyrics broke into the song with a rap to relapse the original song's rap - the stage takes on another vibe when the song switches to Bii's Action Go Go!
Aaron and Bii swarm the stage with this upbeat song, taking it all the way down to the center of the audience and then transitioning to Amei's Kai Men Jian Shan.

If anything I'd say the chemistry between the two men were amazing, consider that they are from different company's and really haven't had that much time to practice their chemistry. The dance moves were just adorable, Aaron's suit and Bii's suit gave off a complimentary vibe. Both were black and white, but Aaron wore a more high cut jacket whereas Bii's stood up with his long coat.

HITO STAR - Aaron Yan Backstage Media Coverage
HITO STAR Award- Aaron Yan accepting award

Congrats to Aaron Yan also for winning his 2nd HITO Star award! The rising star, hopefully will take home a Male Voice award soon:D We are all waiting on it. He has improved and even the DJ's that night spoke a lot of about how he was the only artist crazy enough to release two mini albums in such a short time span. I mean he only gave them like a month each to sell?!....
Regardless Congrats to Aaron on such wondrous albums/awards/performance.

(Backstage Interview) Aaron, Ella, Popu Lady
Aaron Yan & Bii Backstage Interview

The final jump was adorable, and so envious of the fans whom were able to go in and see this performance themselves. 
Below is a photo off Aaron's FB, the media even commentated that the two almost could past as brothers especially almost twins from their side angle! Which is amazing odd, as I never took notice as to how these two looked so similar before. 

Well a good performance run, Aaron did make a lot of comments on how at first he didn't know how to react to how Bii would address him as his "elder" but Aaron finally just gave up and said "Well, its true and I do have more experience in this field...I mean I look at Bii and see me when I was in Fahrenheit it's been almost 10 years." 
To conclude this post, just wanted to link a few other links that other fansites were so nice as to organize out. and share a photo of AARON <3


  1. :D i was actually in taiwan at the time. i couldn't go see the live of course, but i watched it on tv in the hotel room~~~~ i probably woke up the whole hotel with my excited screaming when i saw aaron (and bii of course~) do their duets

    1. haha that's awesome! I would've loved to go in and see them but I mean there is a HITO ceremony every year always something I look forward too! -xm

  2. They must get so hot jumping around in those jackets!

    1. I'd get hot just watching them lol JK
      Aaron's usually drenched in sweat by the end haha