Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[Television Show] 精彩好生活 Wonderful Life


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


"Wonderful good life," is aired on Zhejiang TV joint Shanghai millipede culture media production, will be held June 14, 22:00 Sunday night broadcast.

"Wonderful good life" is to create the first file Zhejiang Satellite TV stars living large experimental program.This program allows star experience in all aspects of the lack of basic necessities, the importance of life reflects those humble things, let the stars back to nature, away from dependence, play new tricks. The stars will work together to complete the life experiment, the program calls on the side most likely to ignore the human concern things to find the most simple little happiness. Anyways, this television show consists of Amanda Qin (秦海路), Jiro Wang(汪東城), Wei Chen (魏晨), Yi Yi Deng (伊一等), Sun Jia Qi (孙佳奇), and Gao Yi Xiang (高以翔). 

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Pictures below from episode 3 ^_^

Credits to ZJSTV Youtube Channel.


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