Thursday, May 21, 2015

Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 & Bii 畢書盡 come together 5/31- "HITO AWARDS"

This year Hit Fm's annual Hito Music Awards will take place again in Taipei, on May 31st in the Taipei Arena. Even though th whole list of performers has yet to be released, there has been a prior special leak as to who to expect on the day - performances from bands MP (Magic Power Station), and Ba San Tian who lately have been raising their popularity through countless drama insert songs will be on the stage that night...the two bands have been compared for countless points but they've never been seen performing on the same stage - the rundown has yet to be seen so it is not dislosed on who will perform first. 

 The highlight of this entry now is... ****Aaron Yan & Bii*** the two will be performing together this year! Both are artist who seek to learn from one another, Aaron who actually requested for this group to appear together spoke of how he admires Bii's talent and that he looks forward to this years performance with Bii. 
And Bii who has recently been very interested in acting, wishes to learn more about it from Aaron who has been the male lead in countless dramas even becoming SETTV's drama king the past two years winning his first "best actor" award for his performance in "Fall in love with me". 

The songs that they will perform has yet to really be disclosed but they have spoken that they will cover songs from the classics. This will be another way to reminse past works and jolt memories by using everyones old favorites. 

That day there will also be performances from artist Claire Guo {who performed last year with Aaron}, and Eric 周興哲 who has been praised on a talented newbie in the music world, also girl group PopuLady from H.I.M, and Rainie Yang and some of my personal favorites like Shi Shi {a newbie who was nominated from best newcomer for this years golden music awards}, Ding Dang, Chen Yan Yu (Bii's Junior), and Lala Hsu and Jia Jia! 
So many great artist, I always look forward to seeing everyone's performances! Who do you all want to see :DDDD leave comments!
How do you feel about Aaron & Bii working together!!!! 


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