Thursday, December 19, 2013

The stories behind Wu Chun's life

When he released his book "Ignite Courage" he embarked on a journey that involved a lot of courage, he became even more truthful to the public than anyone would expect. He told everyone he was married and that he had a daughter and that he was expecting his son soon.

Some time has gone by but Wu Chun is back and is still promoting his book, his son has entered this world and joined with his daughter NeiNei under the protection of a great father and husband.
His story of responsibility and living life to the fullest starts very early on when he lost his mother, and embarked on making Brunei a better place.

Wu Chun Graduating from College; while his mom had been diagnosed with Cancer and he knew nothing.

He has a lot of photos of him kissing his daughter because he loves kisses her and sharing every moment with her

One year he was unable to go visit Brunei and see his daughter but she sent him a letter wishing him happy birthday and saying she loved him.

NeiNei getting her tooth checked 

Snaps of Chun on the show 

*Note* I haven't found the whole footage yet I will upload when I do.


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