Sunday, December 22, 2013

Settv Awards - Just You Wins Awards!!!

Leave it to Aaron to strike it on the red carpet with a dash of black and plaid making him so different n unique~^^

The opening of the night and the first Award goes too...(drumroll)
For "Greatest SinaWeibo Popularity"


As the night carried on he also went onstage to accept the 
"Best Onscreen Couple Award" 
Puff Kuo&Aarpn Yan <3

No smile of the night couldve topped his smilr though when he heard the announcement of the Favorite Drama of Settv!
Aaron Yan for the third time walks onto the stage and accepts for Just You the Favorite Drama award! 

He didnt even forget to kiss his awarder~^^ 
bc his kid addiction is something everyone knows about hahha! 

The night ended with a great finale of Aaron Yan's final awards for "JustYou" beonh proclaimed a Favorite <3

With many great dramas from Settv ; this year the two top winners of awards were 
"JustYou" and "Two Dads" with both 3 awards each!!! 

Congrats to everyone ^^

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