Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Fahrenheit 8yrs

H.I.M International Signed On
Fahrenheit Fei Lun Hai~ ^^ as a new boyband!

Sept. 2006 they released their first album defeating all album sales by the end of the year the only album that outsold them was the music legend- Jay Chou

2007- Two members Chun&Jiro became part of a hit drama series HanaKimi taking first in the highest rating drama since Meteor Garden. The soundtrack sold out to be the best seller soundtrack of the year.

They entered the Japanese Music Market with Pony Canyon Music releasing their first japanese single in 2008, the same year they released a second single and a new Chinese album.

Later that year Fahrenheit took over Taiwan's Ambassador job and represented Taiwan in Korea/Japan/Singapore/Philippines/Malaysia and many other countries. Bringing in loads of fans at a time they attracted man tourist. 

With new years arrival in 2009 they had already started their new album release and world tour. Both taken to a heighten success.

2010, after one year and 8 months Fahrenheit released a new side of them. The men from within in their album "Super Hot" - Taking on the new market they faced much competition but still sold out on top in the top10 chart. The same year celebrating their own 5yr anniversary.

2011- Fahrenheit's Chun leaves the band
        -Aaron Yan releases his first single
        -Jiro becomes focused on acting
        -Calvin's hosting career skyrockets
2012- Fahrenheit's members go on as solo acts but all fans root for their comeback.

2013- Chun confesses he is a father.
Jiro/Calvin/Aaron stand to respect and support his decision showing Fahrenheit hasn't broken their brotherhood!
Fahrenheit Happy 8th Birthday
...They fought thru thick and thin ; as bandmates and as brothers. Today even as soloist they still support each other <3 
Happy Birthday! 

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  1. wahooo! 8 years! man 2012 was a bad year, i almost lost hope.... chun's news surprised me this year, but his honesty and the fei lun guys' support assured me that i liked the right band after all. gooo fei lun hai! ill always support you guyz!