Sunday, December 15, 2013

Calvin Chen and Ai Sha's New Show Episode 1: JiroWang&W-inds [SETTV 三立 都會台:音樂無双 Music in the Double]

Calvin Chen and Ai Sha have teamed up to allow the countries of Asia to communicate through not only their music but the artist behind the music.
Episode one features Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang and the Japanese band W-inds.

click here to WATCH Episode 1

Winds and Jiro once met in Korea during the Seoul Asia Music Awards ceremony in 2008; during that time Fahrenheit and many other artist like Yoga Lin, DBSK, and w-inds were all present.

They said that if they were to come to Taiwan both Calvin and Jiro would treat them to a great dinner and show them around Taiwan. (After all they were once ambassadors of Taiwan!)

Enjoy the show
(Someone else shows up in the show from FRH too ) ;) 


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  1. xDDD i saw this! and i was fangirling every 5 minutes, it seems. doesnt help that i like w-inds, and of course i like calvin... but there was also jiro, and aisha, and there were a million commercials in between about various kpop stars i liked, and the special fahrenheit guest was just the icing on the cake, really. a banana flavored icing. ;D