Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Lucky Touch" or 我愛幸運七 premieres soon

Taiwanese new drama "Lucky Touch" or 我愛幸運七 (I love lucky seven) ; will be airing in June 9th, at 8pm. 
The drama will cast Calvin Chen and Cai Huang Ru (dou hua mei), The two first time together as co-stars but the preview clips have shown to be amazing and bring great anticipation! 
Calvin who promises everyone with new songs also now discloses with the opening and ending theme songs all his! His opening theme: "Guan Qi Qi Wu 關七起武"[Close Seven From Nothing (roughly translated)] 
"Jiao Huan Ren Sheng 交換人生" [ switched lives] 

HIM Int. also bagged up all the other OST. bringing in Fahrenheit's Love You More and More song; Tank's If I become a memory; S.H.E, Hebe and even Anthony Ni An Dong! 

Great songs ; Great Acting Crew; Great Script!

Wo Ai Xing Yun Qi! Jia You! 


  1. yesss!!!! :D the solo songs!!! i watched the trailer~ omg calvin sings rock-ish ;D have been wondering what kind of song he would sing if jiro is rock and aaron is ballads...
    and yesss! yue lai yue ai! when i heard it in the trailer, i thot i was hearing things xDDDDDD <3
    and anthony, TANK, and SHE songs too? awesome! i love tht theyre bringing in older HIM ent produced songs~
    cant wait~ :3

    1. I am also happy that HIM is bringing back their classics ; Calvin style seems like soft rock ballads but he has one that sounds like a pop song so lets anticipate the Ep or Album!!