Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calvin Chen New Song (Solo)

Calvin Chen sings the ending theme to his upcoming drama- Lucky Touch!! 


His voice is so much more different compared to Aaron and Jiro's. They both sing with a heavier emotion and louder tone, Calvin rather still as always is Sunshine Boy his voice is gentle in this song and brings forward a lot of warmth and comfort! Enjoy it, the simplicity. 


  1. ^_^ u put his singing style very well~ his voice is one of the reasons why Cal is my fave member~
    i like aaron and jiro's and chun's voices too. i wish tht chun could one day sing again? it would make me very happy~
    but in the meantime, yayy, all these solos make me happy~ i listen to at least one aaron and one jiro song every day~ even if i want all four together again...

    1. Thank You, I was hoping fans who enjoy Calvin hear what I also hear in his voice. It is very bright and brilliant, its not too harsh to the ears just pleasing :)