Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jiro Wang Special Appearance in Dandelion Love ep 36-38 幸福蒲公英

The Next TV newest drama "Dandelion Love " ( 幸福蒲公英) has a new special guest! And he is rather close to the main actor Danson Tang, thats right after so many dramas together its not going to hurt to see Jiro Wang show up once more! 
Jiro makes a special cameo appearance in episodes 36-38, he starrs as a man who has got in a wreck and lost a special part of his memory he keeps looking for that memory and upon stumbling upon these people he sees JiaJia (played by Alice Tseng) he believes it is her and asks to be her lover!

commercial link above to see Jiro's charcter. 
The drama has progressed quite a bit but its pretty much easy to say everyone wants Danson to be with Alice ,so its debately with Jiro's random appearance what will happen! 

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