Monday, May 20, 2013

Aaron Yan [Just Want You To Love Me] Drama Theme Disclosed!!!

Forbidden Love is the theme of [Just Want You To Love Me] , and the story describes Aaron as the boss of the company. Puff Kuo and Aaron Yan have among fans earned the title of a "Very Attractive" couple. Considering both are well known for their looks and their break through with their acting skills many fans anticipate the best! 
Settv the broadcasting company to release this drama also played a practical joke on the employees of the company by posting a notice saying "No More Office Love!" on May 16, it just ironically happen that this was the situation to take position in the drama [Just Want You To Love Me]. After about 5 days Aaron Yan appeared to tell everyone after his fitting that SETTV is simply playing a prank on everyone. The small prank though earned many netizens love and compliments-- some stating that SETTV is very creative.  
Aside from a creative way to stir up news with the media over SETTV pranks for the drama [JUST] Aaron Yan also disclosed he has picked up working out again with a striving goal of the human fish tail [this is a detail that can find after abs have been set in]. The human fish tail muscle has been very famous in Taiwan latey and Aaron says he openly want to just give it a shot.
The storyline/theme is said to have Aaron Yan's character a boss of a large company post up the notice toward no love/relationship in the company, and Puff Kuo's character purposely to go against him openly courts him.  
This happens to be Aaron Yan's first time working with SETTV and during the media conference when asked about "Forbidden Love in the Office" what would he do? He replied : [I think its unreasonable, if it were me I would have went straight to my CEO or director and said so, or I would have secretly dated the girl I liked anyhow because once love has arrived it doesn't matter what anyone does it can't be stopped.]
Also during the fans meeting Aaron is questioned about whether or not he will have another break-through ?
He replied: [ Whether or not there will be a break-through everyone will have to watch and see! Figure wise, I am working out regardless if I'm overseas or back in Taiwan, so their may be a break-through there!] Aaron every time asked about the human fish tail line, he only says [Give me another week it'll appear.]
Aaron was later asked on his impression on Puff Kuo?
He replied: Puff is a very realistic and un-fake girl! There was a time while shooting our photos that she slipped off the sofa and just laughed at herself, I realized at that moment that she is very cute and realistic. I haven't had any scenes with her personally but I do have a very deep impression of her many commercials. I am looking forward to it.
credits to: 記者吳志偉/台北報導/ xiaomei 

Aaron Yan as Zhang Qi Yi! 

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