Friday, February 10, 2012

吳尊想出一本書,Wu Chun wishes to make a book

Jiro Wang and Calvin have come with their own books on their interest already and Arron decided to get in touch with us through music so of course Chun isn't far behind! Jiro loves art so he came out with his Van Gough And Me book and Calvin understood going to study abroad so he came out with his Incredible Adventure book but what will Wu Chun book cover? Food! There are many things he understands that many probably don't think about like what always goes well with different kinds of meat or what color sauce should something be...he is considering really strongly to come out with book with a few tips from Vivian that in a book every word must be from the heart! Let's all sit back and yell jia you Wu Zun!!! Hopefully this wish will happen!!!

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