Friday, February 17, 2012

Arron is expressing himself

Arron Yan 炎亞綸 is known for expressing himself not just through his music but also his well packed weibo! Today he released one that was quite close to what you could say a slight favor from his fans!
It read:
I will work harder, at being myself, but I am still the me I use to be, it's just the more responsibility there is the more stressful I am, also the same I only have 24 hours , I also only have one pair of hands two legs and one heart, I also wish to be superhuman , But I'm not, so, I will still use a serious attitude to face everything, if at all possible I'd like to ask that all you give me is some more understanding and caring.

As someone whose not in his shoes we do not know what mood he used to write this what mood he used to express this message but we do know we will all do our best to make him feel motivated! He also posted this with a picture he took in London I believe.
Today is also my birthday so I'd like to give one of my many wishes to him Arron hopefully you'll be in a brighter mood in no time!

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