Monday, February 27, 2012

Fei Lun Hai

One once recently told me, that in Taipei, you can of course, be walking around, but you wouldn't really see much of FLH much because they aren't that popular anymore, but you know what I think?

I think it doesn't matter, because they will always be that #1 Boy band  to me, that #1 FLH, Only 4 FLH, that No other boy band can replace.
Since December, FLH has disbanded, and became a Trio band, instead of 4, but in most fan's heart, we all know, that without CHUN, there is no FLH, there may be, but its not the same without the 4 of them. Each and every single one of them complete FLH!! But we still continue to encourage FLH to go on, because its FLH, our only 1 FLH. -Yeah~

The 3 others, Jiro, Calvin, and Arron of course, are keeping up with their busy schedule to! Also along with Chun, SO we must continue to keep giving them strength! <3 <3 <3 <3

~I wish all the contestants that turned in a story, Results will be announced on here, and of course, on our FB page! Also Stories will be published on here!~ SOo Good Luck to all! I'm Glad, that I can make some of you smile! =]

-Smiles are worth a Million words-


~Only 4 FLH~

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  1. that's true, i will forever see chun as a member of fahrenheit >_<
    i luv that picture of chun and aaron hugging at the sprite basketball game thing... i was so touched